Tuesday, February 21, 2006


The only thing we really own is our bodies. My body is mine. What I choose to do with it is no one's business if I don't inflict harm on other people*. Anti-choice people feel that they can impose their will, their beliefs, and their hatred on women and force them to give birth every time they are pregnant. The basic anti-choice position could be:

I believe life begins at conception.
I believe abortion is murder.
Therefore, I will never choose to have an abortion.

Well, that would be fine. I have no problem with that belief system. But the quote above is not representative of anti-choice people. Instead their basic position is:

I believe abortion is murder.
I believe I have the right to impose my beliefs on everyone else.
Therefore, I will control every pregnant woman.

I do not want children. I am obsessively careful with birth control. But should I become pregnant, I have the right to have an abortion. We're talking about MY BODY, remember? My decisions are none of your business.

You don't have to agree with my opinions. You don't have to like what I say. Feel free to hate me and curse me to hell. (False bravado: I'm an atheist). The one thing you *have* to do is stop trying to control MY BODY. Butt out.

*for the forced-birthers:
1. those who have been born
2. one who does not exist as a parasite inside another's body


J.R. Kinnard said...

Troubling news from South Dakota. Very troubling.

spotted elephant said...

What's sick is that forced birthers seem to feel that outlawing abortion will actually *stop* abortion. Not a chance. But they claim to be so concerned about women's health.

Juliet Evans said...

Well, I'm pro-choice, and I don't think life begins at conception, and I believe very strongly in the right to abort. But I feel compelled to point out the flaw in this argument, namely: if we believe that abortion is murder, than we have to make it illegal just as we make murder illegal. We don't allow people to commit murder just because they're doing it with their own bodies and it's their right to choose.

Which is not to say that abortion is murder, of course, because it isn't.

Adore your blog.