Sunday, August 20, 2006

Monday Bunny Blogging

Bumble's Adoption Anniversary, Part 2

The new hidey-box:

Hard at work demolishing the new toy

"Why no, as a matter of fact, I won't hold still for a clear shot."


neuralgourmet said...

Sweet! A Monday Bumble before bed time, and looking very enigmatic this time out.

sparkleMatrix said...

Wey hey! I’ve got me very own hidey hole, even better for hiding from those pesky birds of prey *shudder*

cameo said...

love the bumble!

and hoping the doctor has something good to offer you!
keep your chin up, my friend.
we're all pulling for you.

what would our world be like without the bipolar view in it?


Sally's Life said...

Sometimes Doctors don't have names to fully categorise what it is we have, and although being able to name something gives one power over it; if 'it', whatever it is, cannot be named, it can at least be listened to, acknowledged, taken seriously, treated for what it is, and not just told its fat, or neurotic, or female, or any other such get out clause.
(Sorry, Monday's are bad days for me, but Bumble cheers me up; I can see his excitement and determination not to share his new hiding hole with anyone.)

ms. jared said...

bumble is a little cutie pie. lucky rabbit!

i hope you start feeling much better, SE. and i hope the doctor can figure it out and not leave you out to sea. :-(

xoxo, jared

spotted elephant said...

TNG-Bumble is an enigma wrapped in a riddle.

Sparkle-Oh no, you're remembering Bumble's problems-he's wrapping you around his little paw!

Cameo-Thank you! Your encouragement is very much appreciated right now.

Sally-Fortunately, I have a name now, but you're right about being able to talk about it helping. And I *was* taken seriously.

Bumble does not like to share anything. :)

Jared-Thank you! He was better than I was expecting.

gandhi rules said...

another cute bunny Monday? Life IS good.

hexyhex said...

Hidey boxes are the best. :)