Sunday, October 15, 2006

Monday Bumble Grumble

My life stinks. She's taking a break from blogging, but I don't get a stinkin' break. Last Monday, I did lots of fascinating things and she never even got the camera out. So don't blame me for no Monday Bunny Blogging. I was working.

I'm sick of everything being about her. She can't pet me as much as I deserve because of something about "problems with my hands". Uh, that's a YP, not an MP. And I'm going to bite someone if I have to hear "I've been petting you so long my butt went numb" one more time.

Oh, and while I'm at it, all of you bloggers who supposedly like me soooo much? I haven't received even one banana tree yet. I expected to have a forest of bananas by now. This is your last warning before I give you the Bunny Butt.

Happy Monday.


BloggingMone said...

Hi Bumble, I didn't know before that Bunnies are able to pull such a face! I have printed your picture and pinned it on my office door (hope that's OK!). It seems to significantly decrease the number of students walking in with silly questions. So far I could work in peace. Thanks for that. I owe you a banana, too.
Say hello from me to SE and tell her that petting a bunny helps to cure aching hands. Maybe that works. I'll keep my paws crossed.

sparkleMatrix said...

Hi, Bumble. Sorry to hear you are feeling a tad grumpy and have not had your fair share of the lime light and petting lately. Quite honestly, you have not missed much except for many bunny kicks and the flying of fur. So cheer up down in the dumps looking bun chops, and say hello to your spotted elephant. Oh and Blah says well err Blah! Moreover, he sends you many pat pats and bananas, which must be monitored or your face will stay like that.


Anonymous said...

I usually don't like bunnies Bumble, but you crack me up.

If I can find a banana tree, it's so totally yours.

Aishwarya said...

I'm sorry Bumble, but my grandparents were really upset when I tried to dig up our banana tree. Maybe you should visit, though? (You can bring SE too, if you like)

Anonymous said...

Please Bumble, not the bunny butt! I have *presents*! We'll start off with some snacks, then check the time so we're not late leaving for the art exhibit in your signature car.

sparkleMatrix said...

Look Bumble ^^ Manxome has sent you (amongst other gifts) a *gasp* Banana love machine! Surely that must cheer up your chops. x

spotted elephant said...

Well, thank you. You are all my friends and will not get the Bunny Butt. Well, I'm not sure about thordora.

Bloggingmone-I am glad it keeps the students away. When she taught, the students kept her away for hours at a time. I hate students. Thanks for the advice about petting curing hands.

Sparkle-You are my mind-reading friend. I was not mad at you. That Blah scares me, and she put Blah on her desktop!

Thordora-Don't like bunnies?! I foot-flick you!

Aishwarya-I hope you're not in trouble. You should sneak out and dig up the tree for me anyway. Friendship must be maintained through tough times, right? I'd love to visit, but I hate cars, so I don't think I'd survive a plane. She keeps taking me in the car, though. Grrrr.

Manxome-Thank you for the gifts, which are my due. She won't let me have human food, so thank you for giving me Banana Pops. I didn't know such a thing existed!

I will point out to everyone that in the artwork, that rabbit has a banana.

The car was a nice idea, but I hate cars. Hate them!

You get one free pass for no Bunny Butt, manxome.

ms. jared said...

hee! cute chubby bunny cheeks. yay!
xoxo, jared

Anonymous said...

Bumble, sorry about the car. When I went on a search for "banana rabbit", I got so excited upon finding a banana rabbit car that I got woozy and didn't even think to search further for a better one!

My apologies. How about a Bunny B&B retreat?

Kim said...

Please accept my apologies for leaving you bananaless -- The Himalayan and Doud are having a horrible time w/fleas and litter box woes and I've been rather preoccupied with that.

neuralgourmet said...

Poor bananaless Bumble! In the hopes of staving off the dreaded bunny butt, this song is for you. Hope it cheers you up.

Sally's Life said...

Bumble, I know you think life should have more petting and bananas, but really you are so so lucky to have a nice apartment and a lovely Spotted Elephant.

A very big rabbit I know was sent to boarding school to keep his friend Molly company, and had to spend every term for five years at boarding school and could only go home during the holidays. He got very fat during term time from too many treats so every time he got to go home he was put on a diet !

Say Hi to Spotted Elephant with love from me.

spotted elephant said...

Ms. Jared-They'd be chubbier and cuter if I had banana in my mouth!

Manxome-It's ok. You may take me to the B&B.

Kim-I forgive you. I hope those scary cats will be better soon. I know The Himalayan will not eat me, but I'm not sure about that Doud.

Maybe try hay in their litterbox. Then they can have a snack while they poop.

tng-I love that song. It touches that pain deep in my heart-the pain of having no bananas. Though I wouldn't have such happy music to go along with no bananas. No bunny butt for you.

Sally-Well, you convinced me until I read this:

He got very fat during term time from too many treats

and now I'm mad at her all over again. I don't get very many treats. I must go foot flick her at once.

Kim said...

"Maybe try hay in their litterbox. Then they can have a snack while they poop."

This made me laugh out loud, That Bumble. You have a one-track mind, don't you? Snackin' and poopin, that's how you roll :)!

TNTrash said...

Bumble. You are the cutest bunny I've ever seen.

Unfortunately, I have no bananas. Which makes me really sad, 'cause I really like to eat bananas too.
If I ever get my hands on a banana tree I'll be sure and send you boatloads.

But I have a question. Do you have great, pointy teeth like the bunny rabbit in the Monty Python movie? 'Cause you bear a striking resemblance. *shudders at the thought of being that close to bunny fame* Please don't chew up my jugular if I ever come visit you.

Tell SE hi, and be sure and share your lettuce with her.

spotted elephant said...

Kim-Yes, that is how I roll! Only, they won't let me have rolls. They insist rolls would make me poop bad.

tntrash-Thank you!

I do have sharp teeth, but the only one I ever use them on is se. I don't even bite the vet, who really has it coming. So you have no fear of me attacking you, if you visit. More likely, I'd run and hide since strangers scare me. That rabbit from Holy Grail scares me too. I think she has issues.