Sunday, December 03, 2006

Monday Bunny Blogging: The Radical Feminism Edition

Last Wednesday, during the middle of the night, a metal bookend and a 573-page book went crashing from a cabinet on top of my desk, hit Bumble's carrier (for maximum noise), bounced to the floor and stopped when they hit his litter box. You can see the basic layout in this photo (my desk is on the right side of the poorly-composed picture):

The site of The Incident.

Unfortunately, Bumble was apparently in the litter box when the bookmonster charged at him and tried to eat him, since the litter box was kicked way out of place. Poor Bumble ran for his life, but upon hitting the linoleum by the kitchen, lost control and slammed into a sliding closet door so hard that he knocked it off its track. This is a very sturdy door, so hopefully he hit it with his butt and not his head. We both came running to see if he was okay, but when he's in the panic state, he doesn't know who we are, so we just add to the stress.

This is too awful, let's take a little break:

Bumble in happier times.

So there's my bunny, he's hyperventilating, his eyes are bulging, and his whole body is shaking. Finally, he recognizes my voice and lets me pet him. The shaking stops, the eyes start to return to normal, and he accepts a treat. As far as we could tell, he wasn't hurt at all. It took two more treats to get him back into his room, but he finally went back in, checking everywhere for the bookmonster.

I've sworn never to store books like that again. He's sworn not to hate me for causing The Incident. What was the book that literally scared the crap (he left a trail, poor guy) out of Bumble?

Radical Feminism: a documentary reader. Ed Barbara A. Crow

Bumble's conclusion: radical feminism is no different than every animal on this planet. It exists to eat rabbits.


Sally's Life said...

Poor Bumble, but really, I have been laughing about this ALL MORNING ! He has an enormous amount of trust in you to recover his composure so well.

sparkleMatrix said...

Poona Poona Bumble (even though I was laughing my head off, but do not tell him- NOT funny)
Mmm he has definite issues with fearing of the eaty monsters.
“BUT they are EverYwHerE” he quakes!

Aishwarya said...

Oh poor Bumble! *makes soothing noises*

Sally's Life said...

Me again ... I have been thinking ...

There was something not right in the story of 'The Thing That Went Bang In The Night' that Bumble would have you believe (I have been having a 'Medium' moment; watching too many DVDs) ...

I had a dream of Bumble's other life. He has talents you never imagined! At night, when all are asleep, he reads - anything he can get his hands/mits on, so that he understands what motivates his humans during daylight hours - and he just had to know what RadFem is, since it takes so much attention of his mistress away from him and his needs for banana and petting. Not only can he read, he can climb !

Bumble, it is only a matter of time before they catch you at it, I should lay low for a while if I were you.

Anonymous said...

Poor Bumble. Did you get my great long rambling e-mail?? You doing good! Pippa xx

BloggingMone said...

Feminists' book attacks helpless male rabbit! What a headline!! I am happy to read that Bumble is OK. As far a I know Bananas help to prevent traumatization.

Madame DeBarge said...

Oh no, poor Bumble!
Yes, beware the big books.
Only safe ones?

Renegade Evolution said...

Poor Bumble, but hey, Radical Feminism can be scary! ;)

hexyhex said...

And agan, Bumble proves to be the antithesis of Bambalam! Bam knows exactly what books are... things to be eaten by him!

I can't have anything made of paper in the same room as him, as he WILL get to it and destroy it. He can't understand why I get so upset when he's just playing with the paper toy. :(

mandos said...

There's a novel called Bunnicula, for children, about a vampire rabbit that sucks the juices out of vegetables.

Anonymous said...

Okay I confess: all along I thought Bumble was a stuffed bunny. Not like taxidermy, but like a cuddly toy. His adventures seemed quite charming and excellent, and I did not question it. Now I read that he has a litter box, and he trembles. I think I am catching on.

Regarding radical feminism, it's definitely a heavy subject, har har. Nevertheless, there are a lotta people who could use a heavy thwack on the noggin from a feminist text, or perhaps the sensitivity of a Bumble?

Hoping Bunny is aok-

spotted elephant said...

Lucy-Oh no! I wouldn't be posting about a stuffed animal. I mean, I might want to, but I'd be too embarrassed. Bumble is definitely alive.

Regarding radical feminism, it's definitely a heavy subject, har har.

I love puns! And yes, many people could use a smack in the head with a feminist text.

Anonymous said...

Oh That Bumble! Oh, I'm glad he's OKAY. I'm sorry for falling behind on the That Bumble posts -- it was hard to see him as I can't help but remember how The Himalayan/Little Girl and That Bumble used to "chat."

I miss The Himalayan horribly but I'm happy to know That Bumble continues to thrive and delight!