Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ha! and Help?

I recently announced that I was going to be blogging again. Technology intervened and gave me a big &#@% you! My internet connectivity fails frequently, but it's failing for long stretches of time now.

What's worse is that most of my bookmarks have disappeared! I don't know how this happened, but I'm lost without them (I thought Netscape regularly backed up bookmarks. Silly me.) Does anyone know of a way to retrieve bookmarks? Everything, including the outrages I wanted to write about, is gone. Help!


Anonymous said...

I actually don't have an answer. I go through this every great once in a while. I cuss and then mourn the lost bookmarks. Since half the lost ones were likely things I needed to clear out anyhoo or never *was* going to get to if I were honest with myself, it ends up being nice to start fresh.

Sly Civilian said...

sadly, i'm fresh out of ideas too...

but i'm glad to see you back around. :)

BloggingMone said...

No useful idea...sorry. But why not try and change your browser. Netscape does not seem to be the most reliable one. And should you have no other opportunity than starting to collect new bookmarks from scratch, copy them every day and put them in an extra folder, it only takes a few seconda nd is worth the effort. Does Bumble have any idea?

sparkleMatrix said...

Sorry I can't help. Maybe if you talk to it nicely? you know 'energy follows thought'

Nice to see you around :-)

neuralgourmet said...

There's not enough information to know what happened but I suspect your bookmarks file didn't get properly rewritten when Netscape closed or crashed.

You'll really hate me for saying this, but you should be using the newest version of Firefox. On install it should import all your old settings from Netscape (which is just a rebranded older version of the Mozilla browser -- Firefox's aged sibling).

If you use Firefox and the Google Bookmarks plugin, then you can export your Firefox bookmarks to your Google Bookmarks. Another similar extension is GMarks.

Good luck. I've come to depend so much on my browser that I don't know what I'd do without it. I'd be going nuts if I lost my bookmarks.

Anonymous said...

How frustrating, S.E.

I surely hope you can figure something out. It seems people are giving you good ideas to try! :)

Our computer screws up really badly sometimes and then we have to start from scratch. I know how annoying it can be. I also worry that I have lost links to places which I didn't know really well yet but I wanted to read more of.

I hope your computer starts behaving better and that you are doing well, S.E.!!

Take care,


spotted elephant said...

Thanks to all for the suggestions and support.

Manxome-There is a secret part of me that is RELIEVED the bookmarks are gone. But, I did lose a lot of useful ones.

Sparkle-I don't think that would work after the way I've already talked to it. :)

Mone and tng-Gulp. I will investigate Firefox. I don't know why I'm stuck on Netscape, probably just the years of familiarity. (Bumble says get off the computer and pet him now.)

Z-You're back!

Anonymous said...

Do a run-> search-> for files -> "bookmarks"? I went with Firefox a while ago, but the newest version sucks, even on a slick new Intel Core Duo iMac. So I went back to the prvious version and it works great.

The bookmarks are probably still there. I remember having to go get them a couple of times when I changed stuff around on my other computer and I still used Netscape. I just clicked on the links in the file, then saved them as bookmarks again. Best of luck.

spotted elephant said...

James-I tried that, and they're still gone. I have old bookmark files from 2005, but that's it. The whole thing is so strange. I've gotten past the panic stage, and now I'm in the "now I don't have to clean that mess out" stage.

I'll keep your feedback in mind as I use Firefox, so that I don't blame the entire system rather than the version if I have trouble.