Wednesday, November 22, 2006

White Americans Giving Thanks

Many Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow. The holiday requires people to shift their focus from constantly trying to acquire more things to being thankful for what they have. (Never fear, the culturally-mandated consumption resumes and goes into overdrive on Friday.)

Some white Americans even make an effort to remember how hard things were for the Pilgrims who arrived here wholly unprepared for life in North America. People then eat an enormous meal and fall asleep in front of a football game on tv.

My request is this: would each of you please, at least once tomorrow think: "I sure am thankful I wasn't on the receiving end of genocide"?


Renegade Evolution said...

Good advice.

BloggingMone said...

We do not have Thanksgiving, but I will!

sparkleMatrix said...


lost clown said...

Tried to explain the same thing to the people who invited me to Yanksgiving.

Laurelin said...

Thanks for saying this, SE.

Thin Black Duke said... placed a PSA during the broadcast of the Macy's parade yesterday with just this goal in mind. Some folks didn't take to kindly to it though. See for more.

Anonymous said...

Everyday I am thankful I have never been on the receiving end of genocide. I wish all could be so lucky.