Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Being a rabbit really sucks

I have no idea when Easter is (atheist, remember?), but this is an important time of year for rabbits. Countless baby bunnies are given to children as the "perfect" Easter present. Things are great, for a short time. But kids lose interest, and the rabbits are dumped. Some people take the rabbit to a shelter, but many just "set the rabbit free". These are domestic rabbits, people. Setting a rabbit free is like setting a cow free. It isn't going to end well.

A typical Easter Bunny
source: Coumbus House Rabbit Society

I'm very intense about treating rabbits as disposable pets. My own rabbit, Bumble, suffered this fate. He was found wandering around outside. Luckily, a kind-hearted person caught him and took him to the local Humane Society. Even luckier, he came home with us instead of being euthanized. Animals are not disposable. Please only adopt an animal if you intend to care for it for its lifespan. "The kids lost interest" is not a valid defense for getting rid of your pet. Kids lose interest in things. They're kids, that's what they do. When they lose interest, it's a parent's job to teach an important lesson: we don't throw away living things because we're tired of caring for them.

The Columbus House Rabbit Society is a wonderful organization that cares for abandoned and abused rabbits. They started an excellent campaign, Make Mine Chocolate! to promote purchasing chocolate rabbits for Easter instead of buying live rabbits. Now, the Columbus HRS works hard to get rabbits adopted, but they advocate adopting only after carefully considering the decision to bring a rabbit into your family. A very important link on the Make Mine Chocolate! website shows just what can happen to Easter bunnies. Encourage everyone you know to Make Mine Chocolate! Doing this small thing would result in many more happy bunnies.

Bumble avoided a terrible fate


Chris Clarke said...

What a pretty boy!

spotted elephant said...

Thank you! (blushes)

Madame DeBarge said...

I did get a rabbit for easter once, and it became an outside rabbit-in a hutch, not just running free. My mom had one as well. This happened a couple times as I grew up, that I had bunnies, and they were most definitely pets. If, when we moved, we were unable to keep them, they were given, also as pets, to friends we had who also raised rabbits.
I hate even more when people give ducks or chicks. They grow up, and are no longer cute, and are either eaten or forgotten about.