Monday, March 06, 2006

Bullshit Bullshit BULLSHIT

Jill at Feministe posted earlier today on a story that really brings things into focus.

PHOENIX — State representatives voted Monday to make it illegal for a woman to sell her eggs, but they refused to impose similar restrictions on men selling their sperm.

What? A different standard for women and men?

Rep. Bob Stump, R-Peoria, said both measures are necessary to protect the health of women.

Thank the planet, he's just worried about women's health. I was afraid he was trying to control women like a sick patriarchal fuck.

Stump said the disparate treatment is justified. And, he said, it has "nothing to do with gender politics."

Oh, see, this reassurance makes me feel better.

Stump conceded that the medical risk remains the same whether the eggs are donated or sold. And nothing in his legislation makes donation illegal.

Caught you with your pants down, Bob. Let go of the sausage and let's try to think rationally. You're worried about women being subjected to harmful procedures, like back alley abortions? Oops, sorry. I drifted. You're worried about women's health. But you're only worried about it sometimes. Women can donate an egg (eh-maybe you want to make a little Stumpie, Jr.?), but they can't sell eggs and make some money for their time, pain and effort. See, this doesn't make any sense.

But Stump said there is one difference. Human eggs can be used not only for in vitro fertilization to help a childless couple conceive — like sperm — but also can be used "for the express purpose of destroying cloned human embryos" for medical research.

It would be a lot easier to ban men from selling sperm. After all, sperm are everywhere-hotel carpets, bathroom towels, fast food, etc. Safety first! Ban the sperm!

Stump, in his two years at the Capitol, has waged a campaign to create legal impediments to cloning. Besides these two measures, last year he pushed through a ban on the use of state funds or facilities.

Oh, now this is embarrrasing. I trusted you, but it turns out you don't care about women's health. You just think you have the right to control women. Women are objects once again.


Montag said...

...trying to control women like a sick patriarchal fuck.

Well said. I don't know what to add that isn't already implied in that.

Andrea said...

Oh no! Save the embryos! How terrible a clump of cells should so tragically die!

What a fucking psycho.

Andrea said...

And what does he imagine fertilizes the eggs to get the embryos? Pollen from bees...

spotted elephant said...

Montag-thank you!

Andrea-Yeah, I tried to write about the role sperm play in embryo creation, but I was too file of bile, so I deleted that part.

J.R. Kinnard said...

Everytime you kill a sperm, Jesus cries.
Everytime you kill an embryo, Jesus farts.

This is the reason why we must protect sperm at all costs; Jesus' gas is deadly!

spotted elephant said...

JR-Thank you so much for finally explaining the logic behind sperm protecting. Everything is clear now.

Kim said...

Great post!
You made both laugh and yell FUCK! at the same time--true sign of a great patriarchy-bashing post!

Madame DeBarge said...

Wow, I'm so glad I can still give my eggs away with no monetary compensation.

spotted elephant said...

Kaka-laughing and yelling "Fuck" at the same time-I'm flattered!

Madame-Isn't is nice to be able to go through hell for nothing?

Anonymous said...

What religion does Stump follow?