Sunday, March 19, 2006

Monday Bunny Blogging

You know, something isn't really yours until you modify it and make it your own.

Click the thumbnail to see Bumble's latest modification to his chair.


Diggatron said...

Ha ha ha!!! That's cute!

Check out my band! You will like it!

Kim said...

Monday Bunny Blogging! See, even if I had momentarily forgotten, my subconscious knew! THAT must be why I was wide awake at 3:50AM--tell me, who isn't excited on Mondays to see that Spotted Elephant Bunny!

existsnomore said...


My cats have made my filing cabinet their own. Little teeth marks all over the bottom drawer's handle.

spotted elephant said...

Oh, Kaka, awake at 3:50-not good. Hope you get to nap today.

Kat-What top secret kitty info are you storing in that bottom drawer?

lost clown said...

AHH BUNNIES RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laurelin said...