Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Women's Pain Is So Funny!

The amount of misogyny in the world exhausts me. But just when I feel too tired to scream, I run across something especially vile. Fortunately, I have a special reserve of rage built up for those who attempt to be hateful while hiding behind humor.

In How to Pick Up a Really Hot Babe, men are given instructions on manipulating a beautiful woman into sex. A discussion of this type would not be complete without a rape joke.

Three minutes of conversation and you put her to sleep. Way to go, Valentino. Sleep is not as useful as unconsciousness. Stare for awhile, give her a sniff, touch her arm lightly to confirm how soft her skin is and then proceed to Step 5.

This pusbag thinks that this is so funny. Instructions for rape aren't offensive becaues this is "dark humor". Well, in dark humor, you are supposed to combine horrible aspects of life with humor to show how awful the situation is. Laughing at violence against women, and trying to limit women to roles as sex objects does not mark you as being funny. It reflects that you are cruel, limited in knowledge, and afraid of women.

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Women are possessions. What an original joke! Since he manages to insult both gender and culture, the joke must be twice as funny. Which is worse? The thought that his guy is a traditional, straight-out woman hater, or that he thinks he respects women?


Madame DeBarge said...

I think the fact that he's trying so hard to be funny, when in reality, he doesn't need photoshop to have pictures of women bleeding and missing limbs, is kinda sad.

The "35 and older"...nice.

existsnomore said...

Yeah, so not funny. *sigh*

Kim said...

WTF? That whole damn site is pile of steaming infantile, ugly crap.
Did you read his "How to use a Vagina" etc. stuff?

spotted elephant said...

Madame-Absolutely. If he was trying to do satire (which I doubt), it would have been much more effective to just play it straight and show what happens.

Kat-sigh is about the only thing I could think.

Kaka-I chickened out. I left after the first 2 pages, couldn't take any more. I'm guessing from what you said it's just as, if not more horrible.