Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday Bunny Blogging

Bumble's cardboard box is never quite finished. It always needs another door or window. And sometimes, just the sight of it angers him and he goes into a chewing frenzy.

This bunny moves so fast no camera can capture him!

Most picture of Bumble turn out like this-all blurry and four ears.


Kim said...

WOW, he's fast! I still would love to arrange a playdate between this bunny and The Himalayan!

spotted elephant said...

I bet Bumble would be scared of The Himalayan. But maybe not-I've never seen him around other animals.

Biting Beaver said...

I LOVE bunny blogging!

Scotch is getting quite old now (she's almost 6!) and has slowed down a bit. But damn, they can really boogie when they want!

Is Bumble your only bun?

Part of the reason that Scotch had to go live upstairs is because she got really bad about chewing on my carpets. The upstairs is all hardwood so no problems now.

spotted elephant said...

Almost 6! That's fantastic. I bet she can move when she decides to. :)

Bumble is the only bun. I'd love to have more, but we're in an apartment. Probably best to limit the number of animals until we're settled and not moving around. Poor Bumble had to go from Columbus to north of Seattle. Can you say "pissed off bunny".

Yikes-chewing carpet. Once they get stuck on something, it's almost impossible to stop them, isn't it? I'm glad your upstairs isn't carpeted-that's a really nice solution.

Hexyhex said...

I followed some links over here and read a couple of your entries due to your reputation as a well spoken blogger with intelligent and feminist views.

I gotta admit, though, what's convinced me to add you to my regular reading list is the happy discovery that you're a rabbit person too. *grin*

Look forward to reading more of you.

existsnomore said...

I miss my pet bunnies but I don't miss the nibble, nibble, everything in sight! :)

spotted elephant said...

hexyhex-Thanks so much!

And I agree-finding out someone has bunny status makes me instantly like them. :)

Kat-You're right. Some days I handle it better than others. I'm working hard on prepping for a big interview, and he got ahold of some of my papers. Sigh. It's amazing how fast he can eat something. My fault for working on the floor. But the little booger was asleep when I started!