Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Health and Class

I hope everyone who smugly enjoys good health gets a frigging clue and realizes that they are lucky, not good. I hope that people who feel superior to those with poor health get smacked with a big dose of random chance. I hope that people with class privilege who sneer at the poor lose all of their privilege and have to navigate the US health system alone. I hope that every doctor who writes derisively of Medicaid patients has to undergo a painful rectal procedure.

I wish.


manxome said...

Damn, SE, who do I need to go beat up for treating you this way?

I like the idea of dumping the "good" form "good health". It does seem that some people assume they possess some great skill because chance hasn't found them yet.

And if it does, of course, they ask how it could happen to such a "good person".

Denial is a river way above flood stage.

hexyhex said...

"Lucky health" it is. I hate the term "good health" as well. What's wrong with "not sick"?

spotted elephant said...

Manxome-Oh, I'm sorry-I wasn't talking about me! I was blog surfing, and got to a couple of MD's blogs, and the way they spoke about their Medicaid patients just burned me up.

I'm lucky enough right now to have private insurance, so I get less blame in these buttwipes' eyes.

Excellent idea in dropping "good".

Hexy-Yes-not sick for now!

I hope things are looking up for you, at least that you feel better.

manxome said...

That's a relief, SE. Well, not for all those patients, of course. That was just some deep rage (and I am here for the rage!) and I know how that goes. It feels personal, sounds personal, even if it's not literally.

Part of me wants to know what you were reading, but the other part of me knows I will just get as worked up about it as you did.

spotted elephant said...

manxome-Yeah, it was personal, in that I have a lifetime of condescending docs treating me badly. But this case was just too much.

I didn't link for a reason-your blood pressure doesn't need it. Their manner was so offhand-attacking those icky poor people, and the one guy had sneering down to a science.

manxome said...

Yeah, it's already up, as I watched P.O.V.s Waging a living today. Of course, if I wanted to keep my bood pressure down I'd stop watching PBS.

belledame222 said...


you know what i hate? i mean besides our craptastic health "care" system in the U.S. i hate this notion that like, sickness and even (uh oh, that word) DEATH are things that could be avoided if one really TRIED HARD ENOUGH.

that one might be worth fisking one of these days soon, actually; that's huge.