Saturday, September 30, 2006

Meeting In Real Life

My first blogger meeting, although successful, has to remain top secret.

Sunday, I had my second real-life meeting: I met Amy and K! We had a wonderful visit, and I'm only sad that they live so far away. Amy has a hilarious post about the visit, with great pictures of us.

I had planned to use pictures of the visit for last week's Monday Bunny Blogging. However, Bumble Bunny was quite rude, and hid in his safe corner during the visit. He came out once, and went so far as to sniff K's foot, but then it was back to the corner. You can't imagine the trouble I was in when Amy and K left. Bumble thinks I'm such a stupid rabbit for letting strange rabbits into our warren. Sigh.


Kim said...

You gave him the BUNNY BUTT! :)

spotted elephant said...

Kim, you are well-versed in rabbit language. Bumble approves.

Madame DeBarge said...

And, your photos look remarkably like every single picture I have of my stepmother.
But you have MUCH better hair.

Oh, and I didn't realize the spotted elephant was so tiny! I figured it was at least arm-clutching size.

Anonymous said...

Hi, SE's back! ((waves))

spotted elephant said...

Madame-Yes, that se is tiny. I however, am life-sized.

Manxome-waves back!

antiprincess said...

meeting IRL is fun and important.

good for y'all!