Sunday, September 17, 2006

Monday Bunny Blogging

The Banana

(peeking up from under my chair)
"I know I smell fruit!"


"Oh pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease! I need banana! I will be a good bunny if you just give me banana!"

Bumble received three pieces of banana, which is too much. When I told him there would be no more banana (one of the phrases he knows is "No more."), he dug at the carpet under my desk, tried to chew one of the desk legs, and savaged the plate the banana was served on. When all of this failed to produce more banana, my sweet rabbit gave me The Look, which must be seen at full size to be appreciated.

"You are no longer my friend."


soopermouse said...

that look just breaks my heart... poor Bumble.

sparkleMatrix said...

He is definitely NOT your friend.

soopermouse said...

why can't bunnies have more bananas? does it make them constipated??

Renegade Evolution said...

i had no idea they ate bananas...
bunny blogging is educational!

spotted elephant said...

Sparkle-Luckily, he forgave me quickly.

Soopermouse-Rabbits have extremely sensitive g.i. tracts. Too much sugar = bacterial overgrowth = sickness and even DEATH!

So things like fruit (any fruit) and carrots have to be given in *small* quantities.

RE-Bananas are more desired than carrots, at least for Bumble!

Justjuliefornow said...

It's good that he forgave you as you will give him his next meal - he knows which sides his bananas are buttered on. Is a "discipline spoon" I spy in the background?

spotted elephant said...

Julie-Ha! That's actually his fork-he's chewed off one entire tine, so it's odd-looking.

Bumble is the only one who metes out discipline in this house. Sigh.

neuralgourmet said...

Hah! That look is classic. Fortunately I don't think bunnies hold grudges very well.

Z said...

My daughter and I just looked at the photo and both say 'Ohhhhhhhhh!!' lol

Poor Bumble!!

If it wasn't terribly bad for him I'd say you simply MUST give him more banana right now! hehe

We have a new rabbit friend, S.E! She is beeaaautiful and I will get photos on my blog in the next few weeks. Saving real photos to introduce her, not photos off my cellphone which are really really fuzzy.

Take good care :)


spotted elephant said...

tng-Classic look alright. He was better at grudges when he was an adolescent-then they lasted awhile. Damn teenagers!

Z-That's great news! I can't wait to see her!

Madame DeBarge said...

Evil woman! Limiting the tasty, tasty banana treats!
Yes, like all children, they do not like to accept that the adult is limiting their intake of things (re:candy!).
I love the picture of him standing up!

simply wondered said...

I have been known to despair at the quantity of nice sensible blog writers who have to to put cutesy fuckin photos of their bastard cats on their blogs (not saying it isn't their god-given right to put what they like there - just don't like it and don't understand it) so seeing your pictures of the rabbit known apparently as 'Bumble', my immediate objective response was 'aaaah wattta cute bunny wunnykins' ahem
In brief 'Bloggers: more rabbits fewer cats, please.'

John said...

Heh. My buns love bananas, too. Carrots, not so much. But if a banana has been peeled anywhere in the house, they know it.