Friday, April 07, 2006

Fingers crossed

I wasn't sure how well my interview and activities went yesterday. In panel interviews, I tend to go into a stream-of-consciousness mode and can't remember much afterwards. Around 6pm, I got the call inviting me back for the second interview this morning at 9am!

I feel like this interview went better than the one yesterday-I think I was connecting with the committee and addressing the questions well. They told me they would make their decision in about two weeks. Not bad, considering I waited over 3 months for a decision last year. But I think it will seem like a long two weeks-this place seems wonderful and like a good fit for me.

It's time to admit I have a problem with blogs. As I posted, I've withdrawn from blogging and reading blogs this week to ensure time to prepare. And I feel as if I'm in withdrawal. "How many posts am I missing? Aaahhhhhh!" Tried to start reading today, but I'm not processing well, so I look forward to reading everyone's posts when I can handle words with more than three letters easily.

Oh, two weeks.


manxome said...

Ooh, I know the stream thing. It's the only way I can do it in order to NOT be so nervous going in.

Crossing my fingers for you here, too. Something feels right about this. If you go in, connect, and feel like its a good fit, it's a good sign, I think.

J.R. Kinnard said...

You performed remarkably well. If this place doesn't see you are the best fit for the job, they have some serious issues.

Laurelin said...

Crossing all fingers and toes for you!

Kim said...

Blog Withdrawl can be a good thing...I took a nice break and I think it's refreshed me? Time will tell.

The Himalayan said to tell you "There are no bad interviews or rejections in Heaven." She seems to think this is absolutely the right thing to tell you and is confident you will get this job.

spotted elephant said...

Manxome-thank you! I *think* the stream thing is positive, but then, I always wonder what I said!

JR-could you possibly be a bit biased?

Laurelin-Thanks, but this could be for two weeks, so don't get cramps.

Kaka-Please convey my thanks to The Himalayan. Getting feedback from the wise one is highly reassuring. Give some ear rubs on me.

Kim said...

The Himalayan ALSO said to tell you she knows you're an atheist and didn't mean to shove Heaven down your throat. She doesn't even know what "Heaven" is--just that she used to float and stuff.

She's not very smart.

spotted elephant said...

Tell The Himalayan no worries! She's so considerate. And frankly, I'd assumed that *she* was speaking from a heavenly place, because she is The Himalayan. And that is how it should be.

Or something. :)