Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Life, How It Sucketh

This morning, I found out that I didn't get The Job. There are problems that are much bigger, and much worse than not getting a job. But I've been looking for full-time work for four years now. Not getting any job is disappointing, but this was a really great job.

I've also had to withdraw from the Marine Naturalist Training Program due to ongoing health problems. Do I need to repeat how great that class was?

I'm not fit for human companionship right now, not even via the web. So I'll be having my very own little pity party today. I hate feeling sorry for myself (retches), but today I can't seem to stop. I'm going to sign off before the pity party moves online. (shudder) Tomorrow I'm meeting with the Volunteer Coordinator for the Eastside Domestic Violence Project, so hopefully that will snap me out of this and get my head back on straight.

Edit: I forgot to say, what gets me the most is that the second interview could not have gone better. It's one thing to not do your best and lose out, but to put forward your best effort and not be selected? That is the reason for the pity party. If your best won't cut it, then what? OK, I banish myself from writing about this.


neuralgourmet said...

I'm sorry spotted-e. If it's any comfort their not selecting you probably wasn't because they didn't think you're good enough. Selection criteria for many jobs are so arbitrary and political. Hang in there. They're the ones that lost out.

Madame DeBarge said...

Their loss.
TNG is right, there are always many many things in play, and never forget the joys of nepotism.
It's how I've gotten hired several times.

Pity parties are totally acceptable. Though, they must be strictly timed, or they rage out of control and you end up like me!

hexyhex said...

I'm really sorry to hear that. :(

cameo said...

hang in there. there's another corner coming up.

jamwall said...

JR, sent me to show the spotted elephant love.

shall i begin with some seductive poses?

Laurelin said...

I'm sorry, Spotted Elephant. Love and hugs and much sympathy xxx

Biting Beaver said...

Spotted Elephant,

Damn, I know about not getting that great job, it happened to me last year and I'm still puzzling out what happened.

In any case, I'm all for pity parties! Sometimes they're as cleansing as a good cry and most of the time, even when I throw one for myself of my own accord, I get tired of it after a bit and get back on with it.

So yeah, I'm a big supporter of the pity party *nodnod*, just like I'm a huge supporter of the "I-hate-today-and-want-to-spend-the-day-in-my-jammies-eating-ice-cream" I think both of these things are wonderful ways to work off that crappy energy.

Blue Gal said...

JR sent me too. I'm trying to get hired as a H.S. history teacher and they won't look at my Ivy League studded resume because my first name isn't "Coach." Sigh. We're with you, spotted-e

ms. jared said...

i'm sorry to hear that. there's nothing i can really say that won't sound trite or cliche, but i do hope things look up for you soon.

xoxo, jared

witchy-woo said...

I'm sorry you didn't get the job SE...and that you're having to pull out of your class. Life just really sucks sometimes, huh?


spotted elephant said...

Thanks to all of you for your support.

Pity parties are ok, as long as they don't go on too long. I didn't wear my jammies, but only because I was out dropping off an application.

Half the joy of getting a job is that you get to stop applying for jobs!

Anyways, lots of good feelings coming right back at all of you!

gandhi rules said...

It doesn't sound like your best wasn't good enough. Forgive me for getting metaphysical here but I think the universe is sending you in a different direction. When this happens it looks like only bad things are happening, at first. I think some new adventures are in the works for you.

spotted elephant said...

ghandi rules-That's a very healthy way to look at things. I really hope you're right.