Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday Bunny Blogging

I'm not lying on that damn bed!


hexyhex said...

Daw, he looks grumpy. :)

He's so white! Bambalam is a little black bun. Knowing what I do about him, I always look at white buns and wonder how they stay clean.

This is bam:

Kim said...

Bumble doesn't like his Leopard Lounger any more? What gives, Bumble? (I tell you, SE, he's mad because he wants you to print up those t-shirts!)

Hex your Bam is a sweetie! I would like to squeeze him!

gandhi rules said...

This bunny is a EeeBooShoo. This is a very special designation as the term is only used on animals in my household. I think Bumble needs to be mauled by me. This entails a lot of kissing, mashing, high pitched baby talk and eeebooshooing. He'll probably scratch the hell out of me.

spotted elephant said...

Hexyhex-He does get dirty. What's really funny is when he gets a poop stain on his nose.

Bam is adorable! Oh, if you weren't 1000s of miles away, I'd be begging to bunny-sit for you. Thanks for sharing the pictures. :D

Kaka-He uses the bed like a trampoline now, which is wonderful, but he won't relax on it. He is pissed about the t-shirts. He deserves them, and I'm sleeping on the job.

GR-He would happily take all of that as his due, as long as you left him on the floor while you did it. If you picked him up and tried it, yes, the scratching would begin. But scratching in an effort to get down, not to hurt you. He's pushy, but not aggressive. :)

Madame DeBarge said...

Personally, I would immediately get down on the floor and chase him about.
I do that with small children and cats, as well.
Small/lazy dogs only, though. The one I usually play with is quite wriggly, and being on the floor would mean getting stepped on and licked copiously.

Madame DeBarge said...

Hexy-Oh my gosh, he's so black and glossy and pretty!

spotted elephant said...

I love the one picture-he's so clearly saying "No, I'm not doing anything wrong, so mind yer business" while plotting to do something very naughty.

hexyhex said...

I don't have a picture of it, but the coolest thing about his colouring is the underside of his feet. They're bright silver. :)

Thanks all for the Bambalam love... I will pass on the compliments in the form of treats. He will eat the treats, and then run in a circle. I will translate this as "thank you kind humans".

I'm actually celebrating his birthday tonight (I usually do it on Easter Sunday, but I was working) so I'll try to get a few new pics of him and chuck them on my blog.

And SE, you're right, his "Noooo, i'm an innocent bunny!" look is infamous around our house. It usually comes before he starts frantically trying to dig a hole in a chair.

spotted elephant said...

Bam's just got that look "Nuh-uh. Not me." which, combined with a very sweet face must be deadly.

Be strong, Hexyhex. Be strong. ;)