Sunday, May 14, 2006

Monday Bunny Blogging

Bumble, it's OK to play on the stairs, but be very careful, especially at the top of the stairs!

Bumble! Resting at the top of the stairs is not safe!

Don't fall asleep there-it isn't safe! I can tell you're still listening!


[Does anyone know how to compress images without making them look choppy? These photos all have rough, choppy lines. Sorry.]


Kim said...

I think I like the first picture (peeking) the best. That sleepy, lazy hanging rear foot is pretty special too!

Biting Beaver said...

Monday Bumble! Absolutely adorable, *sigh* makes me wish that Dubhe wasn't allergic. S'okay though, I'll run upstairs and visit with Scotch.

OH, speaking of bunnies, we've got a nest in the yard again! It's been many years since I've had a nest in the yard. The neighbors had so many feral cats that the bunnies all but dissapeared.

Anyway, last week my middle son came to me yelling that there were 'Abandoned Bunnies!' of course, I immediately told him that No, they're not abandoned that's how mom takes care of bunnies.

Anyway, we've been peeking at them and they're already starting to hop around for little bits outside of the nest. I'm thrilled that there's bunnies again out there!

Montag said...

I nap on the stairs all the time. It's pretty safe.

The pics looked fine to me. In any case, I use Irfanview to resize images. It works swell. (Is this even what you meant by 'compress images'?)

cameo said...


Aishwarya said...

Adorable as ever!

YOu really should have a bumbleblog. Bumble every day!

Madame DeBarge said...

That last one, where his head is down and he looks so sleek is my favorite. I just want to go lay my head on him, which of course wouldn't go over well, but he's so cute!

spotted elephant said...

Kaka-Touching that foot does not go over well. :)

BB-Pictures of Scotch would be much appreciated!

That's great that you've got a nest. I spent a huge portion of my childhood sitting rock-still to watch wild rabbits.

Montag-You've been a very bad influence on Bumble.

Thanks for the link to Irfanview. Yes-I meant resize, not compress.

Cameo-Bumble thanks you. Do you have any spare bananas?

Aishwarya-That would be fun. My husband wants to do a "Bumble cam" so people could see him in real time. I think that might be going over the edge a bit.

Madame-The lying-your-head on him actually goes over fine-as long as he knows you're coming near him, of course.

neuralgourmet said...

What you really need to do is strap a wireless webcam to Bumble's head so we can get some real Bunny blogging -- from the rabbit's perspective.

I had rabbits as a kid but they never had as much personality as Bumble. Oh well, the cats had fun teasing them.

Dubhe said...

I have decided from now on that I will no longer be allergic to bunnies. I simply refuse to be. And that's the end of it. *nod*

spotted elephant said...

TNG-Bumble wouldn't tolerate even attempting to put something on his head.

Dubhe-That's a noble goal, but I don't think it would work. I get allergy shots for everything under the sun, and it includes rabbit antigen. It has helped a lot but is a huge committment. I don't think I'd be doing it if I didn't have to get the shots for everything else.

le lyons said...

I love Bumble! These posts make me smile like few others can.

cameo said...

do bunnies like bananas? i may try it tomorrow to see if Haushia does.

spotted elephant said...

Lauren-I'm glad they have that effect.

Cameo-Not all rabbits like bananas. (Bam I'm thinking of you.) But for most, it is a favorite. Be sure not to give too much (you probably already know that). Around here, there is *nothing* more valued than banana. Apparently, some rabbits become so excited that they quiver when eating banana-the so-called "banana butt". :)

hexyhex said...

Heh. Bam is a picky little shit.

(Oh jeebus... I actually felt momentarily guilty typing that. He can't read, hex!! *slaps self*)

Bumble looks so comfy on the stairs. Bam always used to use our old stairs as a trap to try and kill humans. He'd hide on the step second from the top, then poke his head up *just* as a human was one step away from stepping on him. Cue human swearing and trying to avoid pitching down the stairs.

No stairs at new house. HA!

Speaking of new house, his royal Bamness didn't enjoy the move all that much (I had to forcibly extract him from my sleeve when someone moved a large box while I was holding him) but he's settled in fabulously. So many new things to explore, so much carpet to dig at, so many BOXES!!

He also did something that made me all mushy... he bunny flopped in front of my partner for the first time. After I explained why I was making happy squealing noises, R stopped looking at me like I was mad. ;)

gandhi rules said...

Bumble can't fall, he's magic!

spotted elephant said...

Hexy-Moving is scary! Bumble gets royally pissed any time we take him in the car. But I'm glad Bam's been exploring and conquering boxes. And that's so cool he flopped in front of your partner-what a compliment.

GR-lol! I wish he was magic. Part of the reason for his name is his amazing clumsiness. He's not a graceful rabbit. So the stairs really make me worry. He has "fallen"-really slid off of, a stair a few times. So I worry worry worry.

hexyhex said...

I think all bunnies hate cars. I keep reading that a car trip is a really good way to bond rabbits to each other. They get scared by the car ride, so they turn to each other for comfort.