Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My First Troll!

[Edit: This will be the only time I feed a troll. I just got excited that my first troll left the perfect trollish comment: full of hate, entitlement, and false information. Trifecta!]

[Edit #2: I much prefer Laurelin's policy for dealing with trolls. Read it here.

It's a big moment for me: I got my first troll! And to make things perfect, the Cowardly Troll signed in as "anonymous". Oh, I'm beaming with pride.

Anonymous said...

This is true. Men are held to a higher standard. If he has two drinks and has sex with someone he wishes he didn't, he just has to take responsibility for it, but if a woman has two drinks, aggresively seduces a boys for sex and she regrets it in the morning, she can cry rape to absolve herself from any responsibility.

Isn't that just precious!

Dear Troll, I am going to believe that you do not have any knowledge concerning rape. I choose to believe this instead of believing that you are a vile person who enjoys torturing women. I will make my explanation as simple as possible so that you can understand.

1) Because of the number of rapes committed, and because the majority of women know their rapists, all women have to live in fear of rape.

2) Men rape women in obscenely (obscene = disgusting) high numbers. Men do not have to live in fear of rape. These facts mean that men enjoy privilege with sex. Privilege means you receive benefits you didn't earn and/or don't deserve. Your privilege in sex means that because women live in fear of rape, you can exert pressure (whining, threats, battery) and get a woman to have sex with you when she doesn't want to.

3) Having sex with someone who doesn't want to have sex = rape.

4) To avoid raping a woman, you must obtain her consent before having sex with her.

5) A drunk person is not capable of giving consent.

6) If you don't want to be a rapist, don't have sex with women who are drunk. Also avoid sex with women who are unconscious.

Stop engaging in trollish behavior. The number of false rape accusations is very low. The number of rapes that go unreported is very high. If the only way you can have "sex" is by getting women drunk, then you are a rapist.

Empathy means being able to imagine how someone else feels. It's "putting yourself in their shoes". Try to imagine yourself being raped by a man. Imagine how you would feel, and the impact it would have on your life. After this exercise, try to apply what you've learned to how women must live.

If you are incapable of generating any empathy, please seek treatment as there is something seriously wrong with you.

You have all the privilege, and yet you choose to blame women, who have none. If you weren't so afraid, you would have left a name. I really hope you get help, because you desperately need it.


Kim said...

"If you are incapable of generating any empathy, please seek treatment as there is something seriously wrong with you."

Gosh, you guys are cranking out the perfect retorts over there (see "I'm Not a Feminist, But...)
THIS is wonderful, SE -- and it can apply to just about any fuckhead who can't or won't allow themselves a moment of empathy.

Laurelin said...

Brilliant, Spotted E! :)

spotted elephant said...


Laurelin-I'm not following your excellent advice!

neuralgourmet said...

Aww, your first troll. And you brought out the Sledgehammer of Logic to squash him with. You'll want to use industrial solvent to clean that off with. Who knows what germs he was carrying.

quakerdave said...

Actually, I think you gave him too much of your valuable time. I have a troll policy, too. It involves liberal (yup) use of the "delete" key.

You can't reason with them. You can't argue with them. You sure as heck can't change their minds (or improve their spelling or grammar, either). After all, if they really had a valid point, they wouldn't be hiding behind "anonymous."

But you can ignore them, and they sure do hate that. Kinda like most bullies.

spotted elephant said...

Thanks tng! I hadn't thought about the pathogen factor.

Quaker Dave-I think you're right. I've obsessed about mistaking well-meaning but horribly-informed people for trolls. I'm finally coming to accept that that mistake is highly unlikely. It's possible to be grossly misinformed, but still raise a point in a respectful way. So I think I'll dust off my delete key.

hexyhex said...

Your first troll! I'm so proud of you! *wipes tear from eye*

Biting Beaver said...

You've hit the big time SE! Now, watch them pour in in droves *grin*. Don't worry, the troops always tend to rally to take on a troll invasion with no prompting, just keep that delete key handy and try to remember that the reason they're mad is because you scare the living shit out of them!

spotted elephant said...

Isn't it great, Hexy. (passes kleenex)

BB-Thanks for the reminder. I'm sure this could get discouraging fast if I lose sight of what's really going on.

Laurelin said...

SE- I don't always follow my own advice!

deviousdiva said...

I get confused about where to draw the line too. I have a troll policy too and I do delete offensive racist sexist BUT if a misguided fool comes along but is polite and simply ignorant what do you do? I have a regular misguided deluded commentor who comes regularly to my blog. He popped in again yesterday. Sadly, the threads where he pops in with his anti-immigration and nationalistic comments are always the most popular and generate the most interesting debates. Most people disagree with his opinions so it is serving some purpose that he (and the few other nuts) are wrong and in a minority. It's complicated when the line is blurred.

Justjuliefornow said...

Most excellent!

Matt the Hat said...

The sad thing is that the trollish example happens too. In the UK I notice it gets reported in newspapers as "a shocking story" about once a year.

Last year it made front pages.

While rape is vile and evil no mater the person who commits it, lieing about such a thing is just as evil and harmfull.

That's why judges are paid to make difficult choices every day.