Saturday, May 20, 2006

My Indoor Garden

As a long-time apartment dweller, I haven't been able to have a garden. I tried to have an indoor garden years ago, but was hampered by the fact that a) my family never gardened so I didn't know what I was doing and b) I got (clinically) depressed right after I started the garden, and stopped caring for my little seedlings. The seedlings slowly withered and died.

Adopting a rabbit was a great motivator to try again. Bunnies will eat as many herbs and greens as you give them. You don't want to let them have an unlimited amount unless you want to end up with a nasty case of poopy butt (the rabbit, not you).

The first plant I tried to grow was cilantro, Bumble's favorite herb. I still have a few problems with it-my seedlings' stems droop sideways onto the soil, then grow straight up. The adult plants have tons of leaves, look and taste great, so I'm just considering the drooping part of their personality. However, I'd appreciate ANY input as to why they do this strange thing. You can't see the drooping in this picture-it's easiest to see in a really young plant.

Just this week, I've taken a big step, and I'm trying to grow lettuce indoors. I planted green leaf, red leaf, buttercrunch, and romaine lettuce. They germinated in only 3 days! But now I'm faced with something I've struggled with since the beginning: thinning the seedlings. Does anyone else have trouble with this? I'm so thrilled to see the little stems and seed leaves after they've pushed through the soil. Then, after they've done this amazing thing, I'm supposed to just chop some of them off. It really hurts my feelings.

In tiny voices: Please don't kill me!

[Edit, I'm really not joking or being sarcastic about having trouble with "thinning" the seedlings. It really hurts my feelings to kill the extra seedlings.]


Biting Beaver said...

The Cilantro pretty much looks like that when it's young. It doesn't tend to transplant very well and will oftentimes get droopy like that for a few weeks after you put it in the ground too.

As for thinning the seedlings ;)

I'm with you, unfortunately you have to cull some of them or else they'll be far too crowded and ultimately all die, or, at the very least, they'll give you a bad crop.

Good for you on growing some herbs. Another easy one that our bunny enjoys eating is Oregano, which is also very easy to grow :)

spotted elephant said...

BB-Thank you! I thought I was doing something really wrong to the cilantro.

And you're right about thinning the seedlings. I'll just have to tough it out. :(

Sally's Life said...

Hello Spotted Elephant, thanks for your visit to my blog recently. I have replied to you there.
Thining seedlings seems to me such a waste to; but what is one to do. If we talk to plants, how can we not apologise to thinned seedlings.